Consumer Engagement in Uber after legal issues

By: Tuyen Nguyen

Ethical Marketing is an honest way to promote fairness, and responsibly in advertising.  It is a list of rules and general guidelines that assist companies when they try to promote any new marketing campaign. Some concern with Uber’s ethical issues is passenger safety and security of drivers.

Issue #1 concerns with passenger’s safety are: 

1) A passenger in Chicago had accused Uber driver of sexually assault.

2) In January of 2016, another case where UBER driver was arrested for being a suspect of kidnapping passengers while she is drunk and then sexually assault her in the hotel.

3) In London, another UBER driver was accused of sexually harassed a woman.

Issue #2 concerns with the security of drivers:

1) On Nov 3, 2015, a drunken passenger assaulted UBER driver. Even though the passenger lost his job after the video was released to the public but UBER did not take any steps in action to stop this issue from happening again in the future.

Recommendations for passenger and driver’s safety would be Uber should install some kind of scanning device that makes the driver wear it with them all the time.  The passenger or a driver can hit a button on that device when an assault occurs and it would send a signal directly to the police and Uber’s headquarter customer support with the GPS tracking of the location where it takes place.  That way it will reduce this kind of bad behavior from the driver and also from the passenger.   The police or customer service personnel can call back to Uber’s driver number or passenger’s number when the signal activates in case of a false alarm.

The safety device should be similar to this:

From the consumer’s perspective. The consumer is still using Uber because they may not have any choice depends on the city they lived where Uber is the only option, and also the consumers may not follow any Uber’s news so they may not aware of these issues.

Uber needs to steps up with the concern for the passenger and driver’s safety or else one day all the customers will be switching over to Lyft because of the bad brand reputation.

Uber also need to train their employees and have a stricter policy on any employees that failed to follow for the first time. They also need to train each employee to follow their mission and vision. Employees are the ones who drive the wellness in the company’s performance with the consumer’s expectation.


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