The Importance of Brand Positioning for Kodak

By Tuyen Nguyen

Kodak’s mission statement was

Build a world-class, results-oriented culture providing consumers and customers with many ways to capture, store, process, output, and communicate images and pictures as memories, information, and entertainment to people and machines anywhere, anytime; and bring differentiated, cost-effective solutions to market quickly and with flawless quality, through a diverse team of energetic employees with the world-class talent and skills to sustain Kodak as the World Leader in Imaging. (, 2018).

Kodak changed it a mission statement to

Kodak is a technology company focused on imaging.

We provide – directly and through partnerships with other innovative companies – hardware, software, consumables and services to customers in graphic arts, commercial print, publishing, packaging, electronic displays, entertainment and commercial films, and consumer products markets.

With our world-class R&D capabilities, innovative solutions portfolio, and highly trusted brand, Kodak is helping customers around the globe to sustainably grow their businesses and enjoy their lives. (, 2019)

My Thoughts and Changes needed from Kodak

Although Kodak had a good thought out the mission statement but they failed to follow through with their talent and skills. When newer digital technology came out, Kodak could not compete. They also failed internally with communications and layoffs that ruined employees’ morale and their innovative ideas. Layoffs decreased performance for the remaining employees, leaving Kodak on a downhill slide. The company’s main objective should have been to focus on creating a good income structure and putting their employees first. By having a stronger foundation relieves pressure and discourages unethical pressure on the employees. When employees are stress-free and satisfied, employees are more likely to generate creativity that increases innovations in the workplace. Implementing these fundamental principles of management will help to improve the management process within Kodak.  Kodak should have followed the footsteps of the company like Zappos, and Google by putting their employees first.  Google created all kind of free perks for their employees such as free lunch, etc.  Google figured out how to retains the most skilled and energetic employees.

The “Kodak Moment” was defined as a moment that is captured by a picture, so it will never be forgotten. Kodak built the company on this expression, which still exists through the company today.  Even though Kodak experienced a rough financial struggle, their “Kodak Moment” still lives on.  “If it has to do with imaging, Kodak is a very strong brand all over the world” (Fowler, 2013).  For what Kodak issues has to overcome, it has the outlook of the company that still trying to preserve a stronger foundation and a positive outlook.  In order for Kodak to remain successful, the fundamental principles of management are necessary.  Although Kodak has failed in the past with their management process, following newer guidelines will allow the company to work towards a common goal.  Effective communication between all employees can help create an effective management plan.  Kodak needs to motivate and create a new employee reward structure for its high-performance employees in order to keep the workplace running efficiently.  With the creative and fun-loving culture just like Zappos, Kodak will experience loyal retention in employees and overall success for the company.


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